Email list? Want to know a secret?

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Email list? Want to know a secret?

email list secret

Email list? Want to know a secret?  Would you like to know how I add 3000 x Pre-qualified Buyer Leads to my email list each month at pennies per lead?

Sometimes we just need a little kick in the pants to get us moving in the right direction.

Do you have an email list yet?

Have you even started to build one?

And if so, are you actively increasing that email list and emailing it on a very regular basis?

Whatever your answer, I have a bit of math that you might find inspirational:

If you earn $25 an hour in your job and you work 40 hours per week, you earn $1,000 a week prior to deductions.

That’s $52,000 a year for working those 40 hours a week.


If you have an email list, and you earn $500 (on average) each time you send an email that contains a promotional link.

Now you can send those emails 4 times per week, that’s $2,000 a week, or $104,000 a year.

And that’s not even the best part.

The best part is, it will only take you approximately 1 hour, at most, to write an email to your email list.

That means you’re working just FOUR hours per week, to make TWICE the amount of money you earn at your job.

And you didn’t have to work FORTY hours per week to earn just HALF that much.

As you can see it isn’t hard to make job-replacing income from email lists.

So, let me ask you… are you building your email list yet?

Would you like to know my secret to growing my email list?

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The secret I am sharing with you today will help you live your dreams, instead of building someone else’s.

You’ve probably seen those flashy internet millionaire’s all travelling around the world showing off their fancy sports cars and lavish lifestyles whilst telling you that the money is in the list.

Well thats all well and good but none of them actually tell you how to actually grow your list.

Now, if they do there is always a missing piece of the puzzle.

You see these are the Elite 1% who actually want you to fail and they leave out those pieces of the puzzle deliberately.

They do that so they can sell you more and more of their products and services and each time give you just enough so you are wanting more.

Well no more…I want you to succeed.

It has been a closely guarded and well kept secret among the top 1% elite online marketing community. Not one of them will tell you where they are actually getting their leads from to grow their massive email lists….until now.

You see I was introduced to this system by chance by a trusted mentor and I wanted to Pay It Forward and share it with you today.

I will be upfront with you it is not free, it costs $30 for your first month and then $30 per month thereafter. You do also have the option to buy their done for you emails package which I do not recommend, I bought it and regretted that decision.

But that’s $30 per month in exchange for 100 pre-qualified buyer leads per day ( 100 x 30 = 3000 leads per month ) being aded to your email list like clockwork every month.

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Now these leads come from many different high quality providers, all of whom have been vetted to ensure their leads are of the highest quality.

These leads have all been pre-qualified, and are permission-based leads who have opted in to learn more about the Business Opportunity and Internet Marketing niche.

It’s all perfectly legal and fully can-spam act compliant. You see these leads have all been through a sales funnel before and have bought product from a vendor. When they did so they requested that they receive more information from the provider and their trusted third parties.

You now have the opportunity today to become one of those trusted third parties.

You won’t find a better source of pre-qualified leads from trusted sources anywhere for that cost, you are getting pre-qualified buyer leads for pennies on the dollar.

Now even though these are top quality leads I wouldn’t recommend you loading them directly into your Autoresponder instead I would use the built in mailing system that this  has in it. You have to treat these leads as cold traffic and cold traffic has to be warmed up first before they will buy from you. So first establish a relationship with your list and then get them to opt into your Autoresponder later if they want to do so.

So now you know the secret of the elite 1% online marketers and I hope this helps you and your business as much as it has helped me in my online business.

Would 3000 x Pre-qualified buyer leads for pennies on the dollar being added to your email list each month make a difference?

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If you would like to know more about my secret traffic source then click here to learn more.

I look forward to hearing about your success story!

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