BUYER Emails Being Added To Your List Each Month…

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BUYER Emails Being Added To Your List Each Month…


BUYER Emails Being Added To Your List Each Month…Without Selling A Thing!

In this post you are going to learn how the super affiliates add 500 buyer emails per month to their list easily. The 500 number is arbitrary but if you work this hard and you could get several thousand buyers on your list each month.

For those who might not be familiar with why you want buyers on your list, think about this…

Someone who simply signs up to get your free lead magnet hasn’t proven they’re willing to spend any of their cash on anything. But someone who has made a purchase, laying down their hard earned cash in exchange for a product in your niche, is a BUYER who is HIGHLY LIKELY to make a purchase again. And again, and again, and again.

Some marketers say that one buyer is worth 10 freebie seekers, while others claim the number is far closer to one hundred. In any case, if you can get buyers on your list, you’re going to do just fine in your business.

As far as I know, this method will work in any niche, not just online marketing.

Here’s what you do:

Step 1. Create an appealing Bonus Offer

Maybe you’ve got a $1,000 online course you created lying around that doesn’t sell well anymore, or you’re willing to jump on Skype for 15 minutes to consult about your area of expertise.

If you can, appeal to people’s need for approval. “I’ll jump on Skype with you and tell you everything I love about your website, along with anything I see that can make it even better.”

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Or maybe you have a membership site you’re willing to give free access to. Just make sure your offer is eye-popping

Step 2. Create a Banner Advertisement

Spend about $60 getting an awesome, wicked cool, eye-ball attracting 250 x 350 banner advertisement made.

This ad has got to appeal to people like crazy, which means you’ll need an extremely enticing offer.

Step 3. Find an upcoming Product Launch

Next step: Find people who are announcing their next product launch on WarriorPlus, JVZoo and anyplace else your tribe congregates. Again, this can work in most any niche.

A great place to find product launches is, strange name I know but it is the go-to place to find upcoming product launches. This site lists new launches every month across a number of platforms including WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

Make an offer to the product vendors to GIVE your [product / coaching / membership / whatever] away on their thank you, bonus and download pages.

I know what you’re thinking… why will the product seller let me put my ad on their thank you, bonus and download pages?

Two reasons:

  • First, new product creators are struggling to come up with great bonuses and find awesome products to put in their member areas. This makes them look good to their buyers and shows their customers they are the person who can get them great deals.
  • Second, and perhaps even more of a reason why many of them will say yes, is because you will place a high ticket product on your backend.

Step 4. Create a High Ticket Up-Sell Offer

For example, if you’re offering free 15 minute Skype sessions, then you can offer an up-sell of 3 one hour coaching sessions a month for $199, or whatever.

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If you’re giving away access to a paid membership site, you can up-sell to a product or an even a more exclusive and higher level membership site.

Offer the marketer 50% commission or a straight lump sum payment of $50 for every sale you make to their customers. This is FREE money for them, with about 60 seconds of effort (uploading your ad to their download page and membership area.)

Step 5. Create some compelling Bonus Copy

If the product vendor is agreeable, you can also give them some Bonus Copy (a few sentences to describe your offer) to insert on their sales page. Use a catchy headline and 3 to 5 bullet points that highlight the key benefits of your bonus to sell the prospect on your bonus. Positioned correctly, this can even increase sales for the product vendor.

Remember, every single opt-in you get is going to be a BUYER, because to get your bonus they had to purchase the product vendor’s front-end product.

There is at least one well-known super affiliate who has built his entire buyers list using this method. And this person also happens to be on most leaderboards for new launches.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

PS. If you want an easier shortcut to bypass this whole process read my other blog post here.

To your success!

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