Be Of Service To Others And You Will Serve Yourself

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Be Of Service To Others And You Will Serve Yourself


Be of service to others and you will serve yourself.

You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want – Zig Ziglar

This is the key to the success of any business.

Most people new to business actually get in their own road more than any competitor ever will.

The market is massive there is a big enough pie for everyone so don’t worry about the competition.

Instead worry about serving your customer. If you can do that nothing can stand in your way.

Put your customer at the centre of your world and make them the lens through which all decisions are made.

So ask yourself “How best does this action serve my customer?” because when you do you are almost always guaranteed to succeed in business.

What Do You Mean By Service?

Some people unfortunately look at service as servitude which is sad. It is sad for them as they will never get ahead in business with that attitude.

They see their business as just another job. It has no meaning for them. Hopefully today we can solve that problem for them.

To be of service means to help your customer overcome a problem or enhance their life in some manner.

If you can be the one who provides a solution to your customers problems and adds some value to their lives then you will have a customer for life.

A life-long customer is worth 10 prospective customers. You will find over time that if you treat them right your existing customers will become your biggest advocates, spreading the word about your good service to them by word of mouth advertising to their friends and family.

To help you on your journey there are a series of questions you need to ask yourself, as follows:

1. Who You Are? What Is Your Why?

In order to serve a community you need to identify why it is that you can speak to that community. That comes back to understanding who you are as a person.

The big question you have to answer here is “What Is Your Why?” what is your “Raison D’etre”, your reason for being, what is at the core of what you do, the thing that drives you.

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If you just said “money” in your head then you need to think a bit harder. 🙂

For most people the driving force behind what they do is a loved one or family. For a lot of people it is about Freedom, financial freedom, location freedom, freedom of association (i.e. who you work with).

Know your why. What is it that you are truely passionate about? What is the one thing that keeps getting you getting up in the morning and going to work everyday?

Think beyond the money and to what that money brings you.

For some it is looking after their family they do it for their kids. For others it’s getting time to spend with their wife.

One of my mentors said:

Your why should make you cry

Now while that makes for a great one-liner its also true.

If your “Why” isn’t big enough to tug at your heart strings then it won’t be enough motivation to drive you to take action everyday towards your goals.

2. What Do You Do?  How Are You Of Service To Others?

To be more specific “What Do You Love To Do”?

We spend the better part of our waking lives in the service of others at work.

If you can find what it is you love to do and then get to do that to make a living then you will be happy with going to work everyday.

3. What Are You Qualified To Teach Others?

You only need to know 1% more than the other person in order be qualified to teach someone something.

So don’t let the false belief that you are not qualified to teach get in your road of being of service to others.

Everyone has things that they are qualified to teach others.

You have to identify what those things are that you are qualified to teach and then package them up as a product to sell.

People will pay you for your knowledge and be grateful for your help.

But only if it helps them to achieve their goals, even if it only helps them in a small way.

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So think about something you struggled with in your own business or in life and then teach how you overcame that.

There are sure to be others out there who are struggling right now with exactly the same problem you had.

You can be the one who solves their problem.

4. Who You Do It For?  Who Can You Provide Service To?

Now this one is huge, earlier I mentioned that business owners tend to get in their own way, this is one area where they do that.

You see some business owners get so focused on WHAT they are selling that they forget to think about WHO they are selling it to.

This is the single biggest thing any business should know as everything else within your business is dependent upon it.

You could have the greatest product in the world but if you are trying to sell it to the WRONG person your business will fail.

You need the right product, in the right place, being sold to the right person, at the right time and at the right price in order to make a sale.

So who is the right person, well this is your Customer Avatar. In other words, Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Customer Avatar Template

be of service to customers

Do an exercise right now and write down what your ideal customer looks like.

To get you started here are a few questions to ask yourself.

A) Demographic Questions

Who your ideal customer is? What is their Name? You should give them a name as it makes it easier to relate to and identify with them.

Where do they live? Which country and which state do they live in?

How do they live? Are they living in a mansion or are they renting an apartment?

How old are they? Are they young or old? Are they middle aged?

What is their occupation / job?

Do they work full-time / part-time?

B) Lifestyle Questions

Are they rich, are they poor? Do they earn an above average wage or are they just scraping by for a living?

What are their goals in life?

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What are their values?

C) Sources of Information

What are the best sources of information where you can you find out about these people?

Where do they hang out?

Where do they shop?

Whee do they spend their holidays?

Where do they spend their spare time?

D) Challenges and Pain Points

What is it that those people want and need?

Are there any specific challenges these people face?

Which specific problems can you solve for them?

What are their specific pain points that you can help them with?

E) Purchasing Power

Can they afford what you are offering? Do they need a payment plan?

What are some of the possible objections they may have to making a purchase?

What is their role in purchasing decisions?

5. How Are They Changed As A Result Of Your Service To Them?

In other words, by solving their problems for them, What Value Do You Add To Your Avatar’s Lives?

Are they able to get more done in a day? As a result can they earn more now?

Did you enhance the way they work? Because of this are they more efficient at what they do?

Did you show them a new way to work? Does that mean they able to offer new products and services to others?

Look at it through their eyes to find he answer to this one.

Your Mission

Successful people focus on the people that they serve not on how they are served themselves.

If you help enough people you will be rewarded in ways you cant imagine right now.

If you answered all those questions successfully then you just created your mission in life.

Now all you have to do is go out and make it happen.

service success

To your success!

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