Banking with Bonuses Training

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Banking with Bonuses Training

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My mentor Brendan Mace gave me permission today to give you access to his exclusive training called “Banking with Bonuses”. Brendan shows you how you can increase your earnings per click (EPC) on a sale by using a bonus strategy.

Brendan is a 7 figure earner and he reserves this training for his high end clients and normally sells this for $97.

So i am very grateful that Brendan has allowed me to share this training with my tribe so I can serve you all at the highest level.

The tool Brendan is using is called Commission Gorilla and its what I use to make all my bonus pages:

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You can get started with a trial of Commission Gorilla and take it for a test drive for just $1. After that you can cancel the subscription if its not for you. I use mine everyday as there are always new product launches being done and it just makes my life easier.

The templates that Brendan used in this training are a little dated so instead I will be providing you with new templates that are based on Brendan’s latest templates. These are templates that I have also used successfully in my sales campaigns that you can import directly into your copy of Commission Gorilla and modify them with your details.

Below is a small portion of what the bonus page template looks like the full version of one of my recent campaigns can be seen by clicking here.

bonus page example

The import code for the Bonus Page template is: 36155D845EE560C8476BSE

Make sure you swap out my affiliate information with yours and add your details to the bonus page.

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So the Bonus Delivery Template that Brendan mentioned Conversion Gorilla will create for you. That is the link you put into your JVZoo or Warrior Plus affiliate link details page so that the delivery of the bonuses can be automated upon someone making a purchase with your affiliate link.

But as Brendan mentions the page that gets generated is ugly so you need to create your own bonus delivery page. There are many tools out there to do this but you can do this right from your blog. I use ProfitBuilder for mine, it is a lot cheaper than the tool Brendan mentioned as its a one off purchase of about $47.

I also recommend you pick up another of Brendan’s products for approx. $17 called Profit Maximisers to take the bonus strategy up to the next level. Those bonus images shown in my example are from Profit Maximiser, it gives you access to up to 80 additional quality bonuses to share with your buyers and your tribe. You will be able to load these additional bonuses into Commission Gorilla and use them with your sales campaigns bonus pages to increase your profits.

I hope you found this training helpful and I look forward to hearing your success stories!

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